Mother's Day is Coming.

How often do you treat yourself to smething nice? I'm not just talking about the blouse you have wanted for month's or the dinner you continuous put off. I'm speaking of that one thing, that you really want to splurge on and it's simply not in your budget!

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March 25, 2019

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was absolutely fabulous as my husband and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary! We were able to enjoy a nice night out full with laughter and love. Now it is back to mommy mode. Dropping and picking up the kids from school, running errands and work. It's a gorgeous day and a perfect day to get ahead start on the week. Today I am sporting this beautiful LV Montsouris. I absolutely love this bag, It is so chic, beautiful, convenient and lightweight. This is the second backpack that I own. My first is my diaper bag/ backpack. While I do love it also, you can only imagine how heavy it is. This backpack is more practical for everyday use when I am out with just the baby, running in and out of places. I wanted to share this backpack that I wore today and show you how it perfectly holds everthing I need!

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Every mom needs a functional, durable bag or backpack when running errands or hanging out during the day with her kids. I am so excited to review this beautiful and luxurious backpack from one of my Instagram favorites, Coco. 


Daisy Rose and Sweety Sharon Dupes

The Amazon Secret Is Out

We have seen it all over Youtube, in the blogs and all over social media. For over the last year, the Amazon secret is no longer. Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on designer bags, you can grab great dupes on Amazon for a fraction of the cost! Some of my absolute favorites are those that duplicate the beautiful, classic and Elegant Damier Ebene Print by Louis Vuitton. Daisy Rose is among the popular Amazon stores that carries these gorgeous beauties. Some of my absolute favorites are dupes for the LV Zipper Wallet, Makeup/Travel Bag, Felecie Wallet/Clutch and of course the amazing and classic Neverfull!


Don't Forget About You

                  March 22, 2019


Hey girl! Yes you! The one that you often forget about because we are so busy tending to everyone else. Yep, I know the feeling. Everyone needs your attention and you trying to find the balance between the two.....YOU and THEM. Just remember that, in order to be great for your family, work and friends, you must first be great to yourself. If it is only 30 mins. a day, 1 day a week or once a month, take time out for YOU! Catch a movie at the theater, on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, treat yourself to lunch or dinner, enjoy a Coffee Scrub hot soothing bath, have a spa day, find a hobby or go hit up a little retail therapy! Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you love and absolutely will enjoy spending that little time on. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOU!

What Boujee Really Means



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Be Your Own Skincare Expert


If you are anything like me, a spa or visit to the esthetician is out of the question almost, most of the time. After having my daughter, who is now 1 years old, my skin completely changed. It went from being somewhat oily, to completely dry and my acne is totally out of control. If you ask me, I looked like I have aged at least 5 years and I literally can see the dead skin crying out for moisture when I look in the mirror! Ok.....maybe I exaggerated a little, but all I am saying is its pretty bad. I have always had sensitive skin therefore, I tend not to switch products to often. I have tried every product that I could possibly think of and nothing as seem to help. I decided to do some research (Amazon research of course) and came across the Arabica Coffee Scrub by Brooklyn Botany.

The benefits of Arabica Coffee Scrub seem quite intriquing. Not only is it 100% Natural with Cocunut and Shea Butter but it also contains Dead Sea Salt Granles, Organic Kona Coffee, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and so many more key elements to make sure you have healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.

I recently ordered the scrub and I can not wait to try it out and share my results with you guys!

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