(First let me say, if you are not interested in dupes or replicas, this read may not be for you. This is only my opinion and honest review)

Every girl deserves a Chanel! While this may be true, not every girl can afford to splurge on one. Here is an excellent alternative to that Chanel you have been dying for !


At First Glance.....

I absolutely love this bag! This will be one of the ones I will never part with unless it is literally falling apart.

The cowhide leather is gorgeous and the hardware is superb. The quilted details were absolutely stunning and everything on the inside was very much similar to the authentic. I was able to compare it to a friends that has the autnetic and you literally cound not tell the difference, inside or out. After receiving this bag, I can't imagine spending $5000+ for the way I wanted for so many years.


On The Inside.....

The inside of the handbag had a gorgeous wine color interior embraced with the logo. The flap has a snap button closure that closes very securely. The bag measures 30cm width, is very large and can hold quite a bit. I was able to put my note book, phone, keys and make bag in it.

The roped chain straps and handles have a little weight but are just right for your shoulder. I am 5'7 and it falls perfectly down to my hip when worn as a crossbody.

The bag is truly gorgeous and I plan to have it a long time.

I purcahsed this bag with my own money and the review is my own personal opinion . I always recommend doing your own research on the sellers and the items.

For information on this seller, check out @dupestoyou on Instagram.


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