Boujee On A Budget - What's In My Bag


March 25, 2019

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was absolutely fabulous as my husband and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary! We were able to enjoy a nice night out full with laughter and love. Now it is back to mommy mode. Dropping and picking up the kids from school, running errands and work. It's a gorgeous day and a perfect day to get ahead start on the week. Today I am sporting this beautiful LV Montsouris. I absolutely love this bag, It is so chic, beautiful, convenient and lightweight. This is the second backpack that I own. My first is my diaper bag/ backpack. While I do love it also, you can only imagine how heavy it is. This backpack is more practical for everyday use when I am out with just the baby, running in and out of places. I wanted to share this backpack that I wore today and show you how it perfectly holds everthing I need!



LV Montsouris MM-Luxurylover_666

I received this beau last week from Luxurylover_666 a.k.a. CoCo on Instagram. You can catch that review here.

(At the time of photo, I had not added all of the bells and whistles) Trust me, I did not carry the bag like this!


So this may just be the best bag ever. Well maybe that's a stretch but it is definitely hands down my favorite backpack ever. This bag is absolutely amazing. I have heard so many wonderful things about and I tend to like more of a tote or cross body bag. The backpack was perfect for the day! Now if I can just get my hands on the GM size!



From the photo you can see my Coach Wallet (old), Lv Evidence sunglasses, It Oil free Matte Foundation (Sephora), Lock It Powder Foundation (Sephora), Undefeated Lip Gloss (Fenty), Cell phone (case from Amazon), Notepad (Burlington), Secret Dreamer Musk (Victoria Secret), Card Holder, and of course, Boogiewipes. These items items are my go to items no matter what bag I am carrying. I am always carrying more.....but never less. I love having my hands free so I wore this as a backpack vs. by the handle and it was perfect!